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Photographs are above the identification number.
19. Same as #18.
20. Same as #18
17. What am I?
18. What am I?
Moth eggs found on hackberry.
15. What am I?
16. What am I?
13.Bad hair day!
Please write a caption for this photo.
Gilly J
On a bad hair day
Some people say
That's every day!
14. What am I?
11. Can you identify this?
12. Can you identify this?
1. Can you guess which butterfly I am?
2. Can you guess which moth I am?
3. Can you identify this caterpillar?
It was found on our farm on willow,
about five feet off the ground.
4. Which butterfly am I?
5. Can you identify this?
6. Can you identify this?
7. Can you identify this?
8. Can you identify this?
9. Which larva is making a pupa?
10. Number 9 became this pupa.

Photo 1; Queen Butterfly      
Photo 2; Cecropia Silk Moth
Photo 3; Elm Sawfly (ID'd by Mona Miller)
Photo 4; Viola's Wood Satyr
Photo 5; Tiger Swallowtail caterpillar.
Photo 6; Bird dropping on a leaf.
Photo 7; Same as photo 2, Cercropia moth, one week later.
Photo 8; Cercropia head on.
Photo 9; Same as photo 2, Elm sawfly, larva from photo 3.
Photo 10; Elm sawfly from photo 3.
Photo 11; Monarch caterpillar with unusual white color.
Photo 12; Face of Hackberry Butterfly caterpillar.
Photo 13: No idea!
Photo 14: Tropical Checkered Skipper
Photo 15: Tropical Checkered Skipper
Photo 16: Tropical Checkered Skipper
Photo 17: Banded Tussock Moth Halysidota tessellaris
Photo 18: IO Moth
Photo 19: IO Moth
Photo 20: IO Moth

All photographs on this site are copyright protected.
For permission to use any photo, please contact Edith Smith at Shady Oak Butterfly Farm.