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Monarchs Eat Pumpkin?

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  • Butterfly Lifecycles:
  • American Painted Lady

  • Atala

  • Barred Yellow

  • Blinded Sphinx Moth

  • Buckeye, Common

  • Cassius Blue Butterfly

  • Cecropia Moth

  • Ceraunus Blue

  • Checkered White

  • Cloudless Sulphur

  • Eastern Black Swallowtail

  • Giant Swallowtail

  • Gold Rim Swallowtail

  • Gray Hairstreak

  • Great Purple Hairstreak

  • Great Southern White

  • Gulf Fritillary

  • Gulf Fritillary Page 2

  • Hackberry

  • Imperial Moth

  • IO Moth Caterpillar Stings!

  • Julia

  • Laurel Swallowtail - Palamedes Swallowtail

  • Long-tailed Skipper Butterfly

  • Monarch

  • Oleander Moth

  • Orange-barred Sulphur Butterfly

  • Painted Lady

  • Palamedes Swallowtail - Laurel Swallowtail

  • Phaon Crescent

  • Pipevine Swallowtail

  • Polka-Dot Moth

  • Polydamas Swallowtail

  • Queen

  • Question Mark

  • Red Admiral

  • Ruddy Daggerwing

  • Sleepy Orange Butterfly

  • Spicebush Swallowtail

  • Tawny Emperor

  • Tiger Swallowtail

  • Tropical Checkered Skipper

  • Variegated Fritillary

  • Viceroy

  • White Peacock

  • Zebra Longwing

  • Zebra Swallowtail

  • Butterfly and Moth Educational Information:
  • How big is a Monarch butterfly egg?

  • Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillar Osmeterium

  • Butterfly and moth eggs

  • Butterfly and moth chrysalises

  • Butterfly and moth caterpillars

  • Unusual butterfly and moth pupae

  • Caterpillar hatching

  • Caterpillar Eyes

  • Caterpillar Faces

  • Caterpillar head parts

  • Caterpillar Excrement Used to Extend Leaf

  • Molting caterpillars

  • Spitting caterpillars

  • Stinging Caterpillars

  • Unusual Gulf Fritillary caterpillars

  • Spiracles - how butterflies and moths breathe

  • How to tell when your Jing caterpillar will pupate

  • Butterfly Chrysalis Cremasters - How do they Hold On?

  • Holdfast Tubercles - How does a pupating caterpillar hold on before the cremaster makes contact?

  • Chrysalis parts when pupating

  • Pupa and chrysalis size, why are some larger and some smaller than normal?

  • Flaws in a Chrysalis Affects the Adult Butterfly

  • How to tell a male from a female pupa or chrysalis

  • Dehydrated chrysalis

  • Cocoon

  • Odd places to pupate - Your Photos!

  • How to tell when your butterfly will emerge from its chrysalis

  • Butterfly Proboscis Information

  • Butterflies eat WHAT? Rotting fruit and dung!

  • Gulf Fritillary butterflies eat snake

  • Gulf Fritillary butterflies eat deer - venison

  • A Gulf Fritillary lays eggs on a person's hand

  • Broken and tattered butterfly wings.

  • What happens if a Monarch is knocked under water?

  • Video - A Monarch Butterfly Flies From Under Water

  • 'Albino' white Gulf Fritillary caterpillars pupate and become adult butterflies

  • Winter and butterflies; Diapause

  • A Julia Butterfly Eats A Cookie

  • How Can We Save Butterflies?

  • Caterpillar and larvae food;
  • Host plants; are they safe for your larvae?

  • Artificial Diet Instructions (Stonefly Artificial Diet)

  • Pumpkin; food for Monarch caterpillars?

  • Raising butterflies
  • Eggs; raising butterflies from eggs

  • Video of bleaching Monarch butterfly eggs to disinfect the eggs

  • What Do I See That Is NOT OE Through The Microscope?

  • Monarch Eggs on a Milkweed Stem Too Close to the Soil

  •   Caterpillars - Larvae
  • Caterpillars; raising caterpillars

  • Raising caterpillars inside a sleeve on the host plant

  • How Many Milkweed Leaves to Feed a Monarch Caterpillar?

  • How Much Food to Feed a Caterpillar?

  •   Chrysalises - Pupae
  • What to do if a soft chrysalis falls and does not break ...

  • Chrysalises or pupae; Pupation

  • Holdfast Tubercles - How does a pupating caterpillar hold on before its cremaster makes contact?

  • Removing and moving pupae or chrysalises

  • Reattaching pupae or chrysalises with glue

  • Reattaching Swallowtail chrysalises or pupae with glue

  • Gluing a Chrysalis Wrong Can Kill It

  • How much glue is safe when gluing pupae?

  •   Adult butterfly care
  • Butterfly Proboscis Information

  • Adult butterflies; care of adult butterflies

  •   Laying eggs
  • Hand pair Monarchs and other species of butterflies

  • Coax butterflies to lay eggs indoors

  •   Predators
  • Assassin Bug - Butterfly Enemy

  • Predators; raising butterflies

  •   Disease
  • Disease; Lepidoptera

  • OE - Monarch butterfly parasite, Ophryocystis electroskirrha

  • What Do I See That Is NOT OE Through The Microscope?

  • Disease in Butterflies

  •   Learn how to become a butterfly breeder / butterfly farmer
  • Seminars and Internships; Butterfly Breeder and Butterfly Farmer Training

  • Find Butterfly Eggs and Caterpillars in Nature:
  • Find Cassius Blue and Ceraunus Blue Butterfly Eggs and Caterpillars

  • Find Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Eggs and Caterpillars

  • Find Zebra Longwing Butterfly Eggs and Caterpillars

  • Photo Pages:
  • Adult Moth Photos

  • Presentations by YOU
  • How to hold a butterfly for presentations

  • Downloads
  • Free Downloads

  • Butterfly Identification Through Photographs:
  • Solder and Queen Butterfly Differences

  • Similarities in Black/Blue Swallowtails

  • Ceraunus Blue and Cassius Blue Butterfly Difference

  • How to Tell the Difference Between a Monarch and a Queen Chrysalis

  • Different Butterfly Species Lifecycles in Photographs
  • Lifecycles Link Page with Photos

  • Guess; What am I?
  • Guess - What am I?

  • Parasitoids
  • Trichogramma wasps eat the insides of butterfly eggs

  • Chalcid wasps infect butterfly chrysalises - pupae

  • Tachinid flies infect butterfly and moth pupae - chrysalises - cocoons

  • Video: Swallowtail Chrysalis; Dead or Alive?

  • Butterfly and Moth Enemies
  • What if all butterfly eggs lived to become adults?

  • Caterpillar Predators

  • A paper wasp eats a Monarch pupa

  • Video - Male chalcid wasps emerge from a Monarch chrysalis

  • Ectoparasitoid eats a caterpillar and leaves only dry skin.

  • Video - How can you tell if your swallowtail chryslis is infected with a parasitoid?

  • Butterfly Enemies

  • Butterfly Disease
  • OE; Ophryocystis elektroscirrha

  • Nosema

  • Photography:
  • Basic Butterfly Photography

  • Butterfly Related Video Clips from Shady Oak:
  • Tachinid Fly Maggot Video

  • Male chalcid wasps emerge from a Monarch chrysalis

  • How can you tell if your swallowtail chryslis is infected with a parasitoid?

  • Thousands of these wasps can emerge from one was-caterpillar video.

  • Tips to Using a Butterfly Net

  • Stinging Caterpillars

  • Video of bleaching Monarch butterfly eggs to disinfect the eggs

  • Praying Mantis Loses a Zebra Longwing Butterfly

  • A Monarch Caterpillar Eats A Monarch Egg

  • A Monarch Butterfly Flies From Under Water

  • Monarch Caterpillars React to Sound

  • Hundreds of Painted Lady Pupae Wiggle

  • A Ladybug Eats An Aphid

  • Butterflies and Bottlebrush

  • Butterflies and Firebush

  • Butterflies and Red Powderpuff

  • Butterflies and Zinnia

  • Video - Butterflies and Dwarf Red Porterweed, Dwarf - N HB
  • Swallowtail Chrysalis; Dead or Alive?

  • Video clips with butterflies and related topics

  • Professional Videos Relating to Butterflies and Moths:
  • Caterpillar Parasitoids

  • Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Frequently Asked questions

  • Ask Edith

  • Ask Edith Archives

  • Butterfly Places to Visit:
  • Norma Gibbs Butterfly Park - Leslie Gilson

  • Logic Games and Questions:
  • Butterfly Logic Questions - Brain Teasers

  • Deceased Butterflies; Mounting and Preserving:
  • How to spread the wings of your deceased butterfly to preserve it.

  • Contests and More:
  • Current Caption Contest

  • Caption Contest Archives

  • Poem and Prose Contest

  • Poems:
  • Funeral and Memorial Butterfly Release Poem

  • Butterfly Presentations:
  • Presentations by Edith and Stephen of Shady Oak Butterfly Farm

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  • Butterflies! The Email Newsletter Published by Shady Oak Butterfly Farm

  • Butterfly Education:
  • Butterfly Breeding and Farming Seminar

  • Butterfly Breeding and Farming Personal Internship Program

  • Housing during your butterfly breeding / butterfly farming seminar or internship

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  • Butterfly Logic Questions - Brain Teasers

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  • The Miracle of Life

  • Butterfly Plant Recipes
  • Rosemary Recipes; Rosemary Steak and Rosemary Potatoes

  • Pineapple Pound Cake

  • Butterfly Gardening
  • Neighbors spraying chemicals?

  • Custom Butterfly Garden Designs

  • Fertilizer and soil pH

  • Start new tropical milkweed (and many other) plants from cuttings.

  • Plant pests

  • Choose your plants by the butterfly species that you wish to attract

  • Beneficial Insects Kill Plant Pests
  • Ladybug Lifecycle - Eats Yellow Milkweed Aphids!

  • Plant Pests
  • Spider Mites

  • Yellow Milkweed Aphids (scroll down on page)

  • Melon Thrips

  • Butterfly and Hummingbird Plants
      (Codes are N = Nectar H = Host F = Fruit HB = Hummingbird Plant T = Thorny
      W = Weed; not suitable for a garden A = Aggressive, not suitable for a garden
    Anise Hyssop - N
    Aster, Rice Button - N
    Australian Violet - H
    Autumn Sage - N HB
    Batface - N
    Black Cherry - H N
    Blue Pea Vine - H
    Bottlebrush - N
    Video - Butterflies and Bottlebrush
    Butterfly Bush - N
    Butterfly Weeds - N W
    Buttonbush - N S
    Calico Vine - H S
    Candlestick Cassia - H S
    Candy Corn - N HB
    Canna Lily - H N
    Cape Honeysuckle - N HB
    Cat's Whiskers - N
    Chaste Tree - N
    Cherry Tree - H N
    Christmas Cassia - N
    Cigar Plant - N HB
    Coontie - H
    Coral Honeysuckle - N HB
    Cosmos - N
    Creeping Indigo - H N W
    Cudweed - H W
    Cypress Vine - N W HB
    False Foxglove - H N W
    False Heather (Mexican Heather) - N
    False Nettle - H S
    Fennel - H S
    Fire Bush - N HB
    Video - Butterflies and Firebush
    Firecracker, Upright - N HB
    Firecracker, Weeping - H N HB
    Firespike - N HB
    Frog Fruit - H N W
    Golden Dewdrop - N
    Green Shrimp - H
    Hackberry / Sugarberry Tree - H
    Hercules' Club - H N T
    Hollyhock - H
    Hop Tree - H
    Indigo Spires Salvia - N
    Lantana - N
    Lantana, Weeping - N
    Lemon Marigold - N
    Liatras - N
    Lion's Mane - N HB
    Looseflower Waterwillow - H N
    Loquat - N
    Mexican or Summer Petunia - H N
    Mist Flower - N S W
    Morning Glory - N W
    Oleander - H N
    Parsley - H S
    Partridge Pea - H S
    Passionvine, Blue - H
    Passionvine, Boomerang - H
    Passionvine, Corky Stem - H
    Passionvine, Inspiration - H
    Passionvine, Lady Margaret - H
    Passionvine, Lavender Lady - H
    Passionvine, Maypop - H
    Passionvine, Running Pop - H
    Pawpaw - H
    Southern Native Pawpaw - Successfully Transplanting Pawpaw
    Pellitory - H
    Pentas - N HB
    Pepperweed - H W
    Periwinkle - N
    Philippine Violet - N
    Pineapple Sage - N HB
    Plumbago - H N
    Plumbago, Florida Native - H N W
    Poplar - H
    Porterweed, Tall - N HB
    Purple Milkweed - H N
    Rayless Sunflower - N
    Red Bay Tree - H
    Red Pagoda - N HB
    Red Porterweed, Dwarf - N HB
    Video - Butterflies and Dwarf Red Porterweed, Dwarf - N HB
    Ribgrass Plantain - H S
    Rosemary - N
    Rue - H
    Salt Bush - N S
    Sassafrass Tree - H
    Shy Leaf - H W
    Spicebush - H
    St. Augustine Grass, Variegated - H
    Stoke's Aster - N
    Summer Farewell - H N W
    Sunflower Tree - N
    Sweet Bay Tree - H
    Tropical Milkweed - H
    Twin Flower - H
    Verbena - N
    Veronica - N
    Water Hyssop - H
    Wedelia - N A
    Wild Lime - H Thorny
    Whirling Butterflies - N
    Wooly Pipevine - H
    Zinnia - N
    Video - Butterflies and Zinnia