Partridge Pea
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Partridge Pea
Cassia fasciculata also known as Senna fasciculata.

Sleepy Orange butterfly Eurema nicippe, Cloudless Sulphur butterfly Phoebis sennae,
Gray Hairstreak butterfly Strymom melinus, Ceraunus Blue butterfly Hemiargus ceraunus Host or Larval Food Plant.
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Partridge Pea (Cassia fasciculata)  seed pods.

Partridge Pea Cassia fasciculata seed pods.
Partridge Pea (Cassia fasciculata or Senna fasciculata) plant with yellow flowers

Partridge Pea Cassia fasciculata covered with yellow flowers.
Botanical Name: Cassia fasciculata or Senna fasciculata

Common Names: Partridge Pea

Plant type: Annual

Zone: 8a to 11

Light: Full sun to light shade

Size: 1 - 2 feet tall

Water: Average water needs, tolerates drought

Soil: Poor to average garden soil

Propagation: Seed

Bloom: Yellow

Note: Host plant for Sleepy Orange Eurema nicippe, Cloudless Sulphur Phoebis sennae, Gray Hairstreak Strymom melinus, and Ceraunus Blue Hemiargus ceraunus.

Note: All parts of plant are posionous.

Note: Cloudless Sulphur caterpillars are green when they eat leaves. In the fall when the yellow flowers and flower buds appear, Cloudless Sulphur caterpillars which eat the blooms and buds will be yellow.